Muse Dash Controversies: Broken Promises & Censorship

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Muse Dash, a rhythm game developed by PeroPero and published by hasuhasu, has recently been embroiled in a series of controversies. Here’s a comprehensive look at the issues surrounding the game:

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1. Game Overview:

muse dash title
Muse Dash Cover

Muse Dash is described as a “Paradise of parkour & rhythm game.” It was released on June 20, 2019, and has been available on Steam. The game involves dancing to the music and beating enemies in the air and on the ground, all while avoiding obstacles. It boasts a cute and chic art style with various scenes, enemies, and bosses designed for every song. The game has received a “Mostly Negative” rating in recent reviews, with only 28% of the 7,308 user reviews in the last 30 days being positive. However, its overall rating remains “Very Positive” with 90% of the 87,503 user reviews being positive. Source

2. Broken Promises:

muse dash picture 1

A significant portion of the negative reviews revolves around the developers allegedly breaking their promises. Players were under the impression that by purchasing the “Just as planned” DLC, they would receive all future content for the Steam version. However, the introduction of the Hatsune Miku collaboration pack was not included in the “Just as planned” DLC, leading to accusations of betrayal and broken promises. This move was seen as a breach of trust, with many players feeling that the developers prioritized profit over their commitment to the community.

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3. Technical Issues:

muse dash error
A Technical Error

Another major concern raised by players was the introduction of an update that added no new content but rendered the game unplayable for many. This update introduced several bugs, including a purple screen error, key press registration issues, and login problems. While some of these issues were eventually addressed, the developers’ perceived lack of communication and failure to promptly fix these problems further eroded trust within the community.

4. Political Controversies:

muse dash controversy
Muse Dash Political Controversy

A significant portion of the negative reviews also touched upon political issues. A female streamer’s acknowledgment of Taiwan as a country during a stream led to an online harassment campaign against her. The creators of Muse Dash allegedly sided with the harassers, leading to further backlash against the game. Several streamers who acknowledged Taiwan as a country were allegedly banned from streaming the game, leading to accusations of censorship and political interference.

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5. DLC Controversies:

muse dash dlc
Muse Dash dlc

The “Just as planned” DLC, which promises to unlock all paid content in the future, has also been a point of contention. Many players felt that the developers broke their promise by introducing new paid content outside of this DLC. The perception is that the developers prioritized short-term financial gains over maintaining trust with their community. DLC Source


While Muse Dash has been praised for its gameplay, art style, and music, the controversies surrounding broken promises, technical issues, and political interference have significantly impacted its reputation. Players value trust and transparency from Devs and Publishers — just look at how the infamous Yandere Dev fell frame grace — and any perceived breach of these values can lead to significant backlash. It remains to be seen how the developers and publishers will address these concerns and whether they can rebuild trust with their community.

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