All You Need to Know About the New Naruto Anime in September

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2023 marks a significant milestone for the Naruto franchise as it celebrates its 20th anniversary. In commemoration of this event, fans of the beloved series are in for a treat with the announcement of four brand-new episodes set to air in September. Here’s a comprehensive look at what we know so far:     

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Anniversary Celebration

The original Naruto series, which kickstarted a global phenomenon, is making a grand return in 2023. These episodes are specially crafted to honor the show’s 20th anniversary, paying homage to its rich legacy and the indelible mark it has left on the anime community under the title “Naruto (Shinsaku Anime)”.

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Plot Speculations

While specific details about the plot remain under wraps, there’s immense speculation within the fan community. Some believe that these episodes might cover brand-new, anime-only stories, while others theorize a revisit to iconic storylines and arcs from the show’s original run. Given the key art released, it’s evident that the focus will be on characters and stories from the pre-Naruto Shippuden era.

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Musical Touch

To add to the nostalgia and excitement, the Japanese band FLOW is set to perform both the opening and ending theme songs for these episodes. Fans might recall FLOW’s iconic “GO!” which used to be the fourth opening theme in the original series, they will be performing a new version of this track, along with a cover of the show’s third ending theme “Viva Rock” which originally was performed by Orange Range.

Release Date

The special anniversary episodes are scheduled to begin airing on September 3, 2023. These episodes will be released weekly, ensuring that every Saturday in September is a treat for Naruto enthusiasts.

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Production and Studio

Pierrot, the renowned studio behind the anime, is once again at the helm of this project. Furthermore, Masashi Kishimoto the mangaka, is actively involved, providing guidance and creative input to ensure the episodes resonate with the essence of Naruto.

In conclusion, the return of Naruto in this special format is a testament to the series’ enduring popularity and cultural significance. As September approaches, fans worldwide eagerly await to once again dive into the world of Naruto Uzumaki and his adventures in the Hidden Leaf Village.

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