Label To Love: Samira Baraki Launches Attainable Luxury Jewelry Line MIRACO

Samira Baraki knows that luxury jewelry doesn’t have to be out of the question. The CEO of covetable just-launched brand MIRACO wants to not only offer beautiful pieces that she wished she could have accessed while growing up herself, but also to make others feel seen both in terms of price point and marketing. Here’s how the business-minded founder and creative is making strides in the category already. 

Where did the inspiration for MIRACO come from?
I have always had a big passion for jewelry as a form of expression and style. Wearing pieces that you love, especially ones that have been passed down from previous generations, can change the way you carry yourself. My parents are from Ethiopia and I’m a first-generation American, so I have also used fashion and accessories as a way of expressing my own identity growing up. The inspiration for MIRACO came to me during my travels abroad to Istanbul last year. I discovered a local atelier while I was exploring and fell in love with several pieces I purchased there. When I returned to the U.S., I had these items appraised, and to my surprise, they were valued much higher than the purchase price. This ignited my curiosity to explore the opportunity to make luxury pieces more accessible and inclusive, allowing a broader range of people to enjoy and resonate with luxurious beautifully made jewelry creations.

What does the name mean?
The brand name intertwines my first name, taking the last four letters (MIRA), and fusing them with ‘CO’ to symbolize the collaborative team of creative minds and experts who contribute to bringing my brand’s vision to life.

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