Personalized To Perfection! Get To Know Danielle Becker Of Bespoke Design Studio, Lefty’s Right Mind

give any gift, when you can blow someone’s socks off with the ultimate in thoughtfulness, thanks to Danielle Becker of Lefty’s Right Mind. The left-handed artist has been in-demand for her services, which have seen her customizing everything from beauty products to Birkins since striking out on her own with her bespoke creative studio. Whether you’re looking for the perfect personalized statement or hoping to breathe new life into a pre-loved piece, here’s why you need to have her on speed dial…. 

Where did you begin your career and what was your 9-5 like?
I spent 10 years in the fashion industry, starting as a graphic designer and ending my corporate career as an Art Director. My 9-5 life was motivating and inspiring but honestly, never too stressful. LRM was my first experience having a work email on my phone! I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that my freelance career started the moment I graduated. Although I left my responsibilities at the office, I was going home to my bigger dream of building my own business. I don’t think I can say I have ever truly had a “normal” work week.

Tell us about some highlights of your career in fashion and graphic design. What were some roles you held and projects you oversaw?
In my role as an Art Director in retail, I got to experience my work from a consumer’s perspective. Whether it was shopping the product in brick and mortar or purchasing it online, seeing my designs in stores like Bloomingdales and Macy’s was a dream. I always got such a kick out of spotting my product in friends’ and family’s homes. Hindsight has shown me that my stint doing restaurant chalk art was really where LRM organically bloomed. That opportunity meshed my love of craftsmanship with digital design. I loved receiving photos of friends posing in front of my work—it’s still a highlight of my job.

When did you know you were ready to launch your business?
I was born with creativity running through my blood and I was nourished with support that unleashed the possibilities. I couldn’t turn it off if I tried. It’s wild to look back and analyze my childhood—I started both “jewelry” and “cleaning” businesses before I was 10 years old! I’m a dreamer, always driven by an innate desire to create something out of nothing. With each corporate job I held, I always saw beyond and reached past my job description. I guess that’s why I was let go from a couple positions…I wasn’t born to stand in line!

Tell us about launching Lefty’s Right Mind and what was the whitespace you saw to grow the company in?
LRM was officially incorporated in 2017. Feeling a disconnect between ordinary products and experiences, and their lack of human connection. Witnessing corporations invest in subpar promotional goods just to get their name out? It’s wasteful both environmentally and monetarily. Regifting the same bottle of wine your friend most likely gave you? Transactional rather than thoughtful! 95% of purchase decision making takes place because of an emotional connection. We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel, but rather, thoughtfully prioritize the little details that feed our craving for connection and exclusivity. I’m a minimalist who doesn’t keep “free stuff” unless it’s quality. There will always exist a need to gift, to promote, to spread awareness, so at LRM, we ask clients, how would you like to stand out?

As a business owner and mom, what does an average day look like to you?
Oh my, it’s never average in our house! As long as everyone is happy and healthy and my husband and I aren’t traveling… My priority is on the family from sun up until the girls leave for camp/school. I’ll always attempt to fit in a quick stretch before work because once I’m in my studio chair, I’m not getting up until the kids get home—it’s like quicksand! Once 5pm hits, work is paused and it’s back to family time. We prioritize being present and focused when we’re all together so you won’t find us near our phones. Once the girls are in bed, I’m back to work until my eyes close. Be it family, professional, or personal (in that order), it’s a constant juggle between priorities. Never predictable…never controlled but boy, I’ve never been more fulfilled.

What’s your process like, when approaching a project? And what do you think people come to you for the most?Our goal is to understand why the client is coming to us and then make their vision into a reality. Making sure we know when to listen and when to inject our perspective is our best practice at LRM. When we understand the project scope, we create moodboards and mockups, then execute from there. We are known for our quality. Our clients are confident in our ability to curate a unique design perspective that aligns with their brand but challenges the ordinary . They trust us to hit deadlines and show up. Consider us a triple threat!

What have been some milestones for Lefty’s Right Mind recently?
The reputation we have built because of our trusted creative point of view, and the loyalty we see from it. Oh, and being the first bespoke atelier to customize [pairs of] Manolo Blahniks. That’s pretty nuts to say the least.

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